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Age Well & Live Better

We blend innovative technology with holistic practices and a vibrant community to bring you a world-first in comprehensive wellness ecosystems. Rejuvenate, recover, and enrich your life.

The Wellness

The Longevity Wellness Hub is Dubai's first and original wellness center that offer a range of services, including:

Ice Baths
Infrared Sauna
Red Light Therapy
Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber
Compression Boots,
and more

Health and wellness offerings


ICEX is the ultimate solution for recovery and rejuvenation. Learn about our ICE X and ICEX Go products, perfect for both businesses and personal use.

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The Beast

The world's first & only mobile recovery truck, equipped with ice baths, oxygen & compression boots, ready to bring wellness to your home, community, corporate or private events.

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community and social activities

Join our diverse Longevity community, a vibrant network of men and women united in their pursuit of health and wellness. Engage with fellow enthusiasts through enriching weekend activities such as breathwork, yoga, workouts, and ice baths. Together, we embrace a journey towards better living, celebrating every step with a supportive and inclusive group.

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Founded by Dani Afiouni, a seasoned endurance athlete and wellness enthusiast, Longevity Wellness Group is rooted in authenticity, personal experience, and a data-backed approach to wellness.
Our ethos is 'Destination You,' focusing on helping individuals find their path to 'Age Well & Live Better.'

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